El viejo Timón Menu
Prawns in Garlic Fried Baby Squid Fried Small Fish Grilled Prawns of Menorca (250grs.) Fried Squid at Andalusia Style Mussels in White Wine Mussels Mariniere Sauce Clams in Mariniere Sauce Octopus Galicia Style Cuttlefish with Prawns in Garlic Homemade Croquettes Pa amb Oli ( Tomato Bread with Spanish Cured Ham Pa amb Oli ) SALADS AND STARTERS ECaprese Salad. ( tomato, mozzarella, basil) Payesa Salad ( tomato, potato, egg, tuna fish, onion, olives ) Roked Salad with Salmon Marinade Italian Salad ( mixed lettuce, pasta, mozzarella, tuna, mayonnaise ) Goat-Cheese Salad with Ham of Duck and Vinaigrette of Honey El Timón Salad ( mixed lettuce, cheese, salmon, nut, raisins, pesto sauce ) Goat-Cheese with Foei-Gras of Duck and Reduction of Port Wine Salmon Marinade with Avocado and Prawns Carpaccio of Fillet Steak with Flakes of Parmesan Tuna Tartar with Guacamole and Vinaigrette of Dried Fruits Stuffed Shell of Shellfish Scrambled Eggs with Cod, Spring Garlic and Piquillo Peppers Grill Mixed Vegetables with Romesco Sauce Fried Eggs with Potatoes Onion Soup Shellfish Soup ITALIAN PASTAS Spaghetti Bolognaise Tagliatelle with Spring Garlic and Prawns Baked Macaroni Menorca Style (bolognaise, Menorca cheese sauce) Fettuccini with Bacon, Mushrooms and Chilli Pasta with Seafood Meat Lasagne Vegetable Lasagne RICES Vegetable Paella Mixed Paella Shellfish Paella Spanish Lobster Paella (500grs.) Menorca Lobster Paella (500grs.) Black Rice Cuttlefish Paella ( Fideuà ) Vermicelli Paella with Shell-Fish ( Fideuà ) El Timón Rice Stew Style (Angler-fish. Prawns. Cuttlefish) Spanish Lobster Rice Stew style (500grs.) FISH AND SEAFOOD Sole in Orange Sauce Grilled Squid Style Stuffed Squid Menorquina Style Fillet of Hake in Vasca Sauce Grilled Fillet of Salmon Grilled Monfish in Mariniere Sauce Grilled Cod au Gratin with Garlic Mayonnaise Baked in Salt Sea-Bass or Baked Sea-Bass Gilthead Donostiarra Style ( with garlic, wine vinegar, chilli ) Grilled Mixed Fish and Shellfish Mariscada ( Seafood with Lobster ) Mariscada Grilled Spanish Lobster Spanish Lobster Caldereta ( Lobster Stew ) 500grs Grilled Menorca Lobster 500grs Menorca Lobster Caldereta ( Lobster Stew ) 500grs Menorca Typical Dish Menorca Typical Dish MEATS Grilled Sirloin Steak Grilled Sirloin Steak or to Choose in Roquefort Cheese - Peppers Sauce Grilled Fillet Steak Grilled Fillet with Foei-Gras of Duck Grilled T-Bone Steak ( 600 grs. ) Roast Kid in His Juice Roast Lamb Magret of Duck with Wild Red Fruit Sauce Menorca Chicken Style Breast Chicken Curried of Tikka Masal THE OMELETTES Plain Omelette Spanish Omelette Mixed Omelette ( Ham and Cheese ) Mushrooms Omelette Tuna Omelette Prawns Omelette Portion Chips PIZZAS Margarita : Mozzarella – Tomato Oregano Pepperoni: Pepperoni, Salami .
Menorquina : ( Sobrasada) Menorca Sausage, Onion Atunera : Tuna, Olives Proscuitto : Spanish Cured Ham, York Ham Three Cheese : Emmenthal, Roquefort, Cheddar Fruti di Mare : Prawns, Mussels, Squid Diablo : Bolognese (spicy) Romesco : Goat-Cheese, Courgettes, Romesco, Sauce, Pistachios Tropical: Pineapple, York Ham, Mushrooms Vegetal : Mixed Vegetable Mexicana : Chicken, Peppers, Jalapeños (spicy) Funghi : Mushrooms Curry :Chicken, Pineapple Curried of Madras. (spicy) 4 Estaciones :York Ham, Mushrooms, Egg, Red Peppers Granjera : Spanish Cured Ham, Chicken Romana : Mushrooms, York Ham El Timón :Salmon, Prawns, Avocado, Dried Tomato VEGETARIAN COOKING Green Salad Grill Mixed Vegetables Caprese Salad. (tomato, mozzarella, basil) Vegetable Paella Warm Goat-Cheese Salad Vegetable Lasaña Onion Soup Margarita Pizza Vegetable Soup Three Cheese Pizza Cream of Tomato Soup Vegetable Pizza Baked Macaroni in Cheese Sauce Funghi Pizza Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce Romesco Pizza Goat-Cheese with Courgettes in Piquillo Sauce and Pistachios