The festivities of Ferreries, dedicated to the Apostle Bartholomew, held on 23, 24 and 25 August .

Its antiquity dates back to the fourteenth century , coinciding with the creation of the parish that gave rise to the primitive population center.

The origin of the festivities is clearly religious, but has evolved over time . The Obreria of San Bartolomé , secular organization responsible for dealing with the administration of the parish , developed a decisive role in shaping the party. Its members, called workers or machines, were responsible for capturing cheese and wheat to devote to the maintenance of the church and the organization of the party.


Since then people lived scattered around the church, soon used horses as means of transportation to the offices held in honor of the patron saint. That was how , over time , the horse took a leading role in the celebration of the festivities.


Year after year the festivities of San Bartolomé are started with the delivery of the banner of the patron saint bachelor machine, followed by the first touch of fabiol by the Fabioler ; prelude to the outbreak of joy and bustle of a whole town celebrates the holidays and have begun .


Announcing the withdrawal of horses, mortars and sound , accompanied by the municipal band , tadpoles delight the kids with a parade full of color, dance and joy.


The entourage of the parade opens with Fabioler , marking the path to the sound of drum and fabiol . They are followed by other members of the ride in order of lowest to highest. Close entourage a representative of the Church and other City Council , who are chairing the holidays.


The clothing of the knights is the characteristic of the nineteenth century : black tailcoat , white pants , white shirt, bow tie, hat or boatswain , and black shoes.


The ride makes the journey through the streets of the town inviting all neighbors to the mill to be held in the Town Hall.


Horses and knights demonstrate their qualities, while the youth dance and sing to the sound of the band .



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