pueblo de Ciutadella



Ciutadella (Catalan and official name is Municipality of Menorca, Balearic Islands in Spain.

Located in the west end of the island, is the city with the highest number of inhabitants of Menorca (29,315 inhabitants in 2011) and seat of the Bishop of the island. Be the capital of the island to the British occupation in 1714. In late 2009 Citadel population outnumbered Mahon, before most populous municipality in Menorca. Mahon (Mahon Catalan) is the town where the 'Consell Insular' or 'Insular Council, "a local administrative figure in Menorca island government exercises. Mahon is said to be the capital of Menorca but the island itself is not a province. Therefore, the capital of the province and autonomous community would turn Palma de Mallorca, which is also the other smaller islands: Ibiza and Formentera.





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