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 Cala Trebaluger
Cala Trebalúger Trebalúger or Cala Trebalúger is seven miles is Migjorn Gran, located between Platja de Sant Tomas and Morro de Llevant . Part of Àrea Natural d' special interest ranging from Cala Mitjana to Binigaus . This coastal stretch makes border between the municipalities of Ferreries and Migjorn Gran, whose coast has the peculiarity of having cliffs up to 40 meters high , with sea inlets that lead to beautiful coves . A sea inlet u-shaped beach has caused this virgin who is known for being the end of the ravine and stream counterparts , as well as having medium-sized , white sandy slope , exposure to winds from the southeast , south, southwest , crystal clear water , crowded by locals and tourists , as well as being surrounded by lush pine forest , arriving at the waterfront and walked to get to this beach or sea. The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats and optimal for night , provided you do not blow air masses from the south , because it makes the strong waves being very open roadstead . The entrance has two hectómetros wide, which tapers as the sea inlet approaches land. It is also an excellent area for diving and nudity . Road access will be to Cala Mitjana . From here there is a path signposted walking 40 minutes to the visitor plant on the site. Getting from Ferreries: The easiest access to Cala Trebalúger takes place from the beach of Cala Mitjana. On the left, we must approach a country road, narrow and physically demanding because of the level slope passing through an area full of pine trees. When the level of the road disappears slope becomes wider and passable. We must follow the path until you get back to a level of significant slope which ultimately leads to the beach. The last stretch when I can see the beach without being high risk could be risky due to the terrain. They should invest about 40 minutes walk to reach the beach.
There may be different forks in the road and for this reason it is desirable not to go on the road to the left derived as us away from the coast.

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