Restaurante cala Mitjana
Paelles & Calderetes

Menorcan lobster stew (min. 2 people)

An excellent soup in a traditional menorcan style


Menorcan grilled lobster

No comments, a luxury


Lobster stew (min. 2 people)

Following the traditional recipe


Seafood fideuĂ  (min. 2 people)

Typical Valencian dish where the rice of a paella is replaced with pasta


Mixed paella (min. 2 people)

Rice with meat vegetables and seafood following the traditional recipe


Seafood paella (min. 2 people)

The seafood gives a pleasant flavour to our rice


Lobster paella (min. 2 people)

One of the best rice dishes on earth


Seafood "caldereta" (min. 2 people)

Delicious broth with tomato and seafood base


Fish "caldereta" (min. 2 people)

Tasty dish of fish soup


Black rice (min. 2 people)

The ink of the squid is used to give the characteristic colour to this seafood and rice dish




 Restaurant Cala Mitjana