Restaurante cala Mitjana

Goat's cheese salad (vegetarian)

Fresh vegetables dressed in vinaigrette with grilled goat's cheese


Tropical salad (vegetarian)

Refreshing combination of vegetables and prawns


Pa amb oli with cured ham jam or Mahon cheese

Slices of toasted bread dressed with garlic, tomato and olive oil


Warm "montadito" with Camembert cheese, honey, almonds and spinach leaves (vegetarian)


Give a try on this

Stuffed aubergines (vegetarian)


Delicious sample of our traditional Minorcan Cuisine

Fried aubergines with honey (vegetarian)


Minorcan dish of Mediaeval origin

Mix grilled vegetable (vegetarian)


Delicious and never fails

Prawn cocktail


A classic

Steamed mussels


Mussels dressed with mayonnaise or all-i-oli

Clams in wine


Delicious seafood cooked with white wine

Clams "a la americana"


Sautéed clams with prawn aroma and carrot sauce

Octopus "a la gallega"


Octopus served with olive oil and cayenne pepper

Spicy peppers sautéed with king prawns


Excellent combination of flavours

Sautéed king prawns


King prawns flambé in fragrant wine

Baby squid "a la andaluza"


Delicious baby squid lightly battered and fried

Garlic prawns


Prawns fried in olive oil with garlic



 Restaurant Cala Mitjana